Keys to Maximize Your Benefits on the GHR Program.

Be Consistent. Take your Anti Aging Program seriously and don't interrupt usage.

Religiously take the product and you will see much better results.

Also, keep in mind, new benefits can be felt even several months after starting any GHR Formula.

Take on empty stomach. You need a minimum of 2 hours, but for optimal absorption, wait 3 hours after your main meal before taking GHR right before going to sleep.

Regular exercise. Studies show that vigorous exercise helps release more GH. Please consult your Physician before starting a new exercise routine.

Reduce Toxins. Excessive smoking, sugar consumption, and alcohol can inhibit the ability to release your GH.

Eat more organic foods. Drink plenty of water. Use a toaster instead of a microwave. Eat healthier.

Sleep. Deepen your sleep. HGH is released during the deep REM stage of sleep. Tips: Darkening your room, getting a new mattress, stick to a regular bedtime, log a to-do list, and talk about anxieties before going to bed.

Laugh. New research finds that laughing stimulates Growth Hormone. Tips: Rent a comedy, tell a joke, tickle your loved ones.

Realistic Expectations. There are many benefits you can physically feel, but don't forget the benefits you may not clearly notice, like the neutralizing of free radicals, protecting irreplaceable nerve cells in your brain, strengthening your immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, etc

Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person